Liner Agents Services

We are working as Liner Agents to many reputable NVOCC Lines for different regions. We are able to represent your line in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) using a local, regional or global agreement structure. Our offer can adapt to your individual requirements including, but not limited to Documentations (Delivery Order, Cargo Manifests, Bills of lading), Port Operations, Financial Reporting, Sales and Marketing, Customer Care, Back office Operations Support, Claims Handling, Equipment Control and much more.

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Worldwide Delivery

We provide fast delivery worldwide without any delay and ready to deal with any situation.

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All of the shipments and fully safe and secured because of our many years experience.

Customer Support

We provide customer support any time or at any stage of your business enquiries.

We Offer

Full Container Load

Destinator Line Ocean Direct

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Destinator Line Ocean Connect

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Destinator Line Special

Destinator Shipping Line offers instant Freight Shipping Quotes to all enquiries.